What Now?

The threat of COVID-19 looms large, and wisdom dictates that we not meet in large gatherings for a while… so, now what?

We’re improvising, to be sure–but here are a number of things that are already in the works:

  • We will gather for worship online on Sunday mornings, at 10am. We are setting up an online platform which will allow us to worship together through music, interact with each other, share prayer requests, give, hear a message, take notes, etc. The video will be available moving forward, but the interactive worship experience will only happen at 10am Sunday morning. DON’T MISS IT!
  • Many of our small groups are still meeting. If you haven’t already, you’ll be hearing from your small group leader soon.
  • Maryville CORE groups are ongoing! Core groups are the best way to roll deep and they’re perfect for meeting online. Learn more here.
  • You can still meet with a pastor! Visit the Springbrook or Maryville page and click on “next steps.” You’ll find a form where you can request to talk with someone (and a bunch of other stuff, too).
  • Please continue to share your prayer needs with us! Visit the Springbrook or Maryville page and click “prayer.”


  • Keep returning to www.vineyard.info/news (in fact, why not bookmark that page right now?), as we will be updating here regularly to let you know how the church is continuing to be the church (and lots of other encouraging things as well)!
  • Soon we will be facilitating several online prayer/discussion groups that anyone can attend and so we can have some shared space together throughout the week. Stay tuned for details!
  • If you haven’t already, mark your calendar for Sunday at 10am for our online worship. All the info you need will be right.

Be sure to follow your venue on Facebook and Instagram–there’s more to come!