by Fran Pratt

In my county schools, restaurants, and bars are closed, and gatherings larger than 10 people are banned. I find myself in a very different life: less church work (we are still pastoring digitally as best we can), educating my kids at home, worrying about the world. My spirit is able to find gratitude and meaning. But my ego worries about if the food will last, if our retirement is gone, how will my kids recover their education, who will we lose, will my friends be ok, will we be ok? All the things to worry about when the world takes a sudden turn.
So, I’m back where I always am. Trying to speak to, and hear from, the Divine about it. Trying to help other people do that too. This thing, at least, hasn’t changed yet.

God, in this time of heightened anxiety and uncertainty,
Many of us fear for our lives,
Our livelihoods,
Our loved ones.
We fear for our people:
Will we lose them?
We fear the unknown:
How will life be different, once this crisis passes?
We fear for our futures:
How will we provide for ourselves and our families?
We fear for our society:
What systems must break down so that new ones can emerge?
We know that no material comfort,
No physical health,
No job,
No person,
Is ever guaranteed;
And in fact, all things pass away.
So help us, oh God, as we deal with seismic shifts to our lives,
Our communities,
Our economies,
Our ways of being.
Help us to hold onto peace,
Cling to compassion,
Lean into service,
And help imagine a better world.
These things remain:
Faith, hope, and Love (1).
So as we weather this crisis
And look toward the world after,
Let us stick close to the example of Christ
Put our hands to Kin-dom work,
And commit to rebuilding whatever has been torn down
With faith, hope, and love as the foundation.

--1 Corinthians 13:13