Easter will look quite different for many of us this year. And as we mourn the loss of the ways we have typically celebrated, we think it is incredibly important to remember that the story of Easter has not changed. In order to prepare our hearts and our minds for the celebration of the Resurrection, our hope is to walk through Holy Week together as a church. We have compiled a daily meditation for each day this week including a scripture, an image and a prayer as a way to help engage your mind and your heart as together we walk through the week with Jesus, on his way to the cross. This tool works best if you carve out a few quiet moments every single day to allow yourself to imaginatively sit in each story.

How to use the daily meditation:

  • Begin the reading with silence. Settle into a quiet and comfortable place. Take a few breaths, allowing yourself to inhale and exhale slowly and become awake to the moment.
  • Read the scriptures through one time.
  • Read the scriptures through a second time, this time asking the Holy Spirit to allow you the imagination to put yourself into the story. Try to experience the scene–the sights and sounds and smells and feelings. The artwork provided may help in this experience. If not, close your eyes and imagine your own scene.
  • End your time with prayer and silence.
We are excited to journey to the Cross with you this Holy Week and look forward to seeing you virtually on Sunday!

Sunday, 4/5/20- THE SUPPER

Scripture: Mark 14:12-24

“The Last Supper”, Ugolino da Siena, ca. 1325–30


You, Oh Lord, are faithful–you know me through and through and you still have chosen me to sit at your table. Fill me with the strength to walk faithfully with you even when the road is rocky and when the message of the cross seems foolish and even when I feel betrayed. Remind me today that you are steady and you are true. Amen.

Monday, 4/6/20- THE GARDEN

Scripture: Mark 14:32-42

“Christ and the Angel”, Ivan Filichev, 1963


Life-giver, Pain-bearer, Love-maker, day by day sustain the weary with your word and gently encourage us to place our trust in you. You are no stranger to sadness and you do not hide in the hard. Awaken me to the suffering of those around me and save me from hiding in denials or taunts that deepen the hurt. Give me the grace and creativity to stay awake to your story and to the hurts around me. Amen.

Tuesday, 4/7/20-THE COUNCIL

Scripture: Mark 14:53-65

From “Stations of the Cross”, James B. Janknegt, 2014


Lord, make me a channel of your peace, that
where there is hatred, I may bring love;
where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness
where there is discord, I may bring harmony;
where there is error, I may bring truth;
where there is doubt, I may bring faith;
where there is despair, I may bring hope;
where there are shadows, I may bring light;
where there is sadness, I may bring joy.

(prayer from St. Francis of Assisi)

Wednesday, 4/8/20-THE DENIAL

Scripture: Mark 14:66-72

“Can Fire in the Park” by Beauford Delaney, 1946


Jesus, I am very much like Peter. I have a heart that is prone to fear and prone to wander. Forgive me for the denials, big and small, that live in my heart and my mind and my actions. Have mercy on me and remind me that though I may wander, your stance of love toward me is relentless and does not change. Amen.

Thursday, 4/9/20-THE TRIAL

Scripture: Mark 15:1-15

“Last Judgement”, Gregory de Wit, 1946–55.


Father, you sent your Son to embody a wisdom and a love so wild that it seems foolish to the world. Will you grant us the courage to receive a love so wild? And will you empower us to walk out the great love of your kingdom, so that the world might recognize and embrace the scandal of the journey to the cross and the mystery of reconciliation. Amen.

Friday, 4/10/20-THE CROSS

“Christ on the Cross”, Georges Rouault, 1936


Jesus, I can hardly imagine the cross–it’s holy and it’s rescue are almost beyond our comprehension. And so with what little I have, I bow before the cross of you, the wounded Christ and I praise you. You are Mercy and your are Compassion, for in our brokenness you have not abandoned us. You gave up your life to make a way for us where there was no way. In your death, what was lost in me has been found, what was broken has been restored, and what was bound has been released. I praise you, for you did what I couldn’t and you set me free. Amen.

Saturday, 4/11/20-THE TOMB

Scripture: Mark 15:42-47

“The Entombment”, Rembrandt van Rjin, 1654


Father, your great love is poured out in death for our sakes. You hold me in your embrace as I wait for Easter’s dawn. You Comfort me with the promise that no power on earth, not even death itself, can separate me from your love. Give me the stregnth to wait until you are revealed to us in all your risen glory. Amen.

Sunday, 4/12/20-THE RESURRECTION

Scripture: Mark 16:1-8

“The Life of Harriet Tubman (Panel #4)”, Jacob Lawrence , 1940.


Oh God of glory, in the Easter dawn you raised Jesus from death to life. As we are united with him in death, so unite us with him in resurrection, that we may walk in newness of life. Amen.