Great News from Africa

Josh recently gave a missions update as we worshiped online. But there was a lot of great news in a small amount of time! I wanted to make sure you got it all. So, here’s a recent email from Josh. As you’ll see, there’s actually much more than we can fully report!

With all the craziness of the past couple of weeks, I thought I would share some good news. I added up the number of disciples and DBS groups thus far for 2020 from all 3 people groups (only January and February), and I added up all 12 months from 2019. I couldn’t find the month of May, and I’m also missing the Touba numbers from January, February, and April, so the numbers don’t reflect those months (meaning that the totals are even higher!).

We are in the 13th generation of groups with our first people group, the Worodougou, 6th generation with the second people group, the Mahou, and 5th generation with the 3rd people group, the Koyaga.

97 new DBS groups and 462 new disciples in only 2 months!!!!

222 new DBS groups and 1,396 new disciples!

This means that in the last 14 months, 319 new DBS groups and 1,858 new disciples have started their journey with Christ!

Let’s keep praying folks! And hang in there, stay healthy, and stay connected to the Vine.


The fruitfulness of what you’re supporting in Africa is remarkable! Praise the Lord— and thank you so much for supporting this work. I’ll say it again, the most important work we might ever do as a church, is helping to pave the way for the Kingdom’s work around the world.

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