Foster Care Awareness Month

Did you know May is Foster Care Awareness Month? At the Vineyard, we believe caring for the orphan and those in need is important to God, so it’s important to us. We wanted to a moment before May was over to talk about foster care in Tennessee and in our area, and the ways our church is working and partnering with others through our Not Alone ministry initiatives to help and support those in and affected by the foster care system.

There are currently 8,000 kids in the foster care system in TN and on any given day 350 of those kids and teens are eligible for adoption. Our home county, Blount County, has more children in foster care per capita than any other county in Tennessee.

These statistics are daunting and knowing what to do can feel big and overwhelming, but there are a lot of ways we can help. Not everyone is called to be foster parents, but there’s still so much we can do to help support those in foster care and the amazing families, organizations, and individuals who work hard to care for these amazing kids and help them find a place to belong.

Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Join our Isaiah 117 House Service group that helps support the work and mission of the Isaiah 117 House in Blount County. Click here to find out more and sign up.
  • Support or volunteer at the Isaiah 117 House. Find out more by visiting them online.
  • Donate or support the Blount County Foster Care Association. Click here for more information.
  • OR! Email Natasha, our Community & Care Pastor. There are many other ways you can help support foster families and those impacted by the foster care system in our church and our community.

Click here to visit our Not Alone page and find out more about the ministries we have, and organizations we partner with, to help address the needs of the people here in Blount County and around the world.

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