Vineyard Springbrook Resumes In-Person Services on Sunday, Feb. 7

Indoor, In-Person Service and Online Service Sundays at 10am

We are excited to officially re-open for indoor, in-person services at Vineyard Church Springbrook.  Our commitment is to do this as wise and safe as possible to honor our people and our community.  For the time being, we will be offering one in-person, indoor service in the Alcoa Middle School auditorium at 10am on Sundays.

We understand if you are not ready to join us in person, so we will continue to offer our online service with live chat on Sundays at 10am.


  • Masks (of any fabric or style) and social distancing are requested and greatly appreciated for the duration of the service.
  • An Ionopure humidifier will be running in both the auditorium and any indoor space with kids (Please visit their website at for more information about how these humidifiers purify and clean a room).
  • We ask that everyone clean their hands before entering the auditorium. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance  of the room.
  • Surfaces before and after service for both the safety of our church and the students and faculty of Alcoa Middle School.
  • To further enhance our safety indoors, each service will be kept to 45 minutes
  • If you have any symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19, or are waiting on test results, we invite you to worship with us at our online service
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 and have attended a service, please let us know.  We will then do the appropriate contact tracing based on where you were sitting.


  • 80 person maximum at each service
  • You are welcome to sit in groups or as an individual, we ask that you leave at least two chairs between you and another group or individual.  
  • Please do not group or clump at the entrance of the auditorium. 


  • We ask that families sit together in the service
  • We will provide materials and activities each week for kids to help teach and engage them during the service (additional teaching videos can be found on
  • Until we re-open Kids Ministry fully, our Springbrook Kids volunteers will host a play time in the gym for toddlers-2nd grade during the sermon for any interested families. This will be limited to 15 children walking-2nd grade, and will prioritize toddlers and preschoolers. Kids will meet the Springbrook Kids team in the back of the service during the announcements, and return during our sending prayer.