Culture Shock… and a culture in shock.

From Josh Armstrong:

Any American that has traveled to a foreign country with a culture radically different than the one they are used to has probably experienced the psychological phenomenon known as culture shock. As my wife Amanda and I were talking about the effect of the coronavirus on people’s mindsets, it struck Amanda that previously rational people are acting incredibly irrational during this strange season. She said, “They seem to be responding to this new existence in similar ways that I did when we first moved to Haiti…it is as if they have culture shock.”

And now that I think about it, it really is true. Most Americans have never seen an empty store shelf. Most Americans have never been told that hospital beds might not be available. Most Americans have never been told that they should stay at home. And there is a choice that Americans, and especially those of us that follow Jesus, are now being forced to consider.

Will I succumb to the shock of a rapidly changing culture, suspicious and skeptical of everyone and everything? Or will I step into this strange new world as Jesus would? Will I choose love over fear? Will my family and I lean into the things of God more than ever, or will we merely “hold on”? The culture shock you may be feeling is real, and it is ok to recognize the effects of the culture shock that you and your family may be feeling. The key is to seek God’s face as to how you will respond.