Core Groups

Core Groups

COVID-19 has forced our hand. Meeting in person isn’t always wise. Core groups are PERFECT for meeting online.

Our Core groups are a great place for you to roll deep! Core groups are groups of 3-5 people who learn to practice the way of Jesus together. Through following the CORE method – these groups will encourage one another, on a regular basis, to engage in the daily rhythms of Confession, Others, Reading, and Encouragement. To start a Core group, follow these steps:

To start a Core group, follow these steps:

  1. Read this booklet on what a Core group is and search your heart before making this one-year commitment
  2. Pray about who should be in your group and gather a group of 3-5 people
  3. Fill out this form and put your name down as the contact person
  4. Attend a 30-minute training session and commit to attending short training meetings that will take place a few times a year

Interested in starting a CORE group, but have questions? Email for more information. Sharon can also help you find a free and easy service to host video meetings online, and from any device!