What is the Vineyard?

What does it mean to be ‘in’?

We ask people to opt in to a covenant. It is a summary of what biblical Christianity looks like in the context of a local church. By opting in, we agree to nothing more than what any Christian has already chosen. However, we are specifying that we will pursue these biblical principles within the community of this church. Opting in does not suggest we will live these things out perfectly. Rather, we are committing to a wholehearted pursuit of these values, and to support one another as family— with grace and love— as we inevitably stumble along the way. We will re-visit these annually, choosing each year to opt-in or opt-out.

If you’d like to opt in, fill out the form below. Remember, this is about you identifying your church home. It’s not a contract, or signing up for any special benefits or restrictions. This is about having a place, and being known in that place.

If it’s your desire to connect, grow, serve, give, reach & edify within the context of this local church, then this is where you opt-in.

Not so fast!

Still have questions? That’s cool. Questions are always, always welcome! We don’t have secrets, and we want you to ask any questions you may have.